Heading north on Montezuma Road. The white and blue building at the right of the photo is the old schoolhouse, constructed in the 1800's.

Montezuma is a paragon for "quiet old Colorado mining towns." It sits tucked away at 10,000ft in a tight valley with its back up against the Continental Divide and snowy peaks on every side. Located about 6 miles east of Keystone, this relatively isolated hamlet feels a world away. The last Census recorded 65 residents, though it feels decidedly smaller as you drive through the dirt road main street.

Entry into the town is marked by a carved and painted piece of wood, slung above the roadway between two trees. Shortly after are the only two stop signs in town, one each way. Coming in to town, the sign is decorated to read "STOP hammertime" while the sign on the way out reads "STOP stealing our stop sign".

History literally on the street side, off Montezuma Road.

A typical scene in Montezuma. Note the mine barely visible in the trees on the hillside.